Film clip from 1964 movie classic, Dr. Strangelove,
or How I Learned To Stop Worrying and Love The Bomb
note B-52 flying over harbor near east end)

Picture of Destin Harbor and Holiday Isle taken January 13, 2004
( 2004 Mindlace Media & Photography)

Depending upon your computer the following animation below is very revealing
(might take a moment to load)


Scott Jackson I discovered the aerial segment of Destin Harbor when I was watching the movie during the holidays.  The top picture is one of the first frames of a 5 second clip.  Seeing the clip in its entirey reveals more of the harbor, Holiday Isle and Highway 98.  I re-shot the scene during an aerial photo project and matched up the two images.   While I was intrigued mostly by the movie history and connection to the area, many viewers are interested in the way it reveals development and our changing shoreline.